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People still find their way to my dA and follow me here, so I just wanted to remind everyone:

I don't really post here that often. I have an art tumblr where I post everything, including but not limited to doodles, sketches, work-in-progress screenshots, notes about art things, and of course finished pieces when I get that far. I really like just doodling and posting those though, which I never really felt keen about doing on dA.

So if you're interested in seeing my stuff more, especially including doodles, I encourage people to hop on over to my art tumblr and follow me there. Of course there's no pressure though; I know tumblr can be confusing and a real drain on everybody's patience (word of advice though, you are not obligated to follow anybody if the things they post are rubbing you the wrong way, just unfollow them; your dashboard should be things YOU want to see, and you accomplish that by following people YOU want to follow (tangent over)).

I'm kind of saving my dA for finished stuff, when I get around to it. IE, at the moment, for fun I'm working on a slight redesign of Masane from the Witchblade anime, giving her "armor" a little more... well, armor; when I'm done I'll post that on here.

So, yeah. I appreciate people following me still and if people are interested, you can watch me in a slightly more active venue.

(I forgot to add, warn, and maybe slightly entice people by mentioning that there are some NSFW doodles on my art blog but they're all hidden behind "Read More"s to protect those who are at work or have more delicate sensibilities, so you won't see anything untoward unless you actually click "Read More". Anything NSFW is tagged "nsfw" so, you know, avoid that, or search that, whatever floats your boat)


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That would be telling.
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Ugh, I'm not an artist, I just enjoy drawing and I happen to go to art school. But that doesn't make me an artist. @_@

That picture (originally from… )... is pretty much the story of my dA life. I really don't run around purposely being a douche, but holy shit guys, when I say "This is against dA's rules, you're not supposed to post this :/" chill the fuck out. I'm not ragging on you or ruining your life or whatever other excuses you come up with. I'm just warning you before someone much douchier comes along.

Same goes for critiques. You post your stuff, I'm assuming you're posting it to get feedback. I am not going to fall at your feet and kiss your ass. I'm also not going to be a raging asshole. I will politely tell you what does and doesn't work, so you can get better. With that said, please, feel free to critique me, -insert deity here- knows I need it.

I critique because I care. In my art school we all wish people would actually critique our work instead of just telling us they like this little thing, or that little thing. You may hate me for it, but I reiterate: I am seriously not doing it to be an asshole. You'll thank me later, I hope.

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Love-To-Share-Stock Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for faving my work!
DarkMechanic Sep 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch!
Pirkleations May 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Joyous Womb Emancipation Anniversary Celebration Day!! :cake:

Crimm-Art May 26, 2013  Student General Artist
This is my new favorite way to say happy birthday.
Pirkleations May 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well...there you go!

In a complex world, birthday greetings should be elaborate and long-winded.

happy birthday. :D
Crimm-Art May 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks :)
masterpug13 Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, thanks for dropping by my thread. I agree, dA should be used for critique and getting better. Constructive crit is very hard to find these days especially for those coming up if they don't have a spot they can get it. Looking through your gallery, I actually have liked the 'sketch a day' section the most. I think I tend to like art depicting things that don't exist. Of course, you could say the Kerrigan pieces are of someone who doesn't exist; but she kinda does as a video game character. Being able to design and develop more original ideas that haven't been put down yet is a good skill to foster. And yeah, I am a bit of a hypocrit since my dA avatar is a painting of a WoW Troll I did. But you have a good base here and it would be awesome to see you generate your own content.

Again, thanks for dropping by my thread. See you around!
Kendra-candraw Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for joining :iconcritiquegeeks: I just wanted to say I liked looking through your gallery you've got a really great style. I especially like your sketch a day monsters. Normally I recommend people work on their proportions/anatomy but you've got a pretty good handle on it. For you I'd say push your shadows and contrast a little more, your 3 most recent submission are really good about it but some of the 'older' ones (kerri^3 and back) could probably be pushed a little more.

Anyway thanks again for joining and I hope we can help you out :)
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